Agricultural Research Project Summaries

2012 Georgia State Support Program
05-654GA Development Of Diagnostic Markers For Root-Knot Nematode Resistant Genes In Cotton; A Valuable Tool For Breeding Nematode Resistance Cultivars
  Peng W. Chee, University of Georgia and Richard F. Davis, USDA-ARS

06-792GA Herbicide Stewardship Programs For Herbicide-Resistant Cotton In Georgia
  William Vencill, University of Georgia

06-908GA Breeding Georgia Adapted Cotton Germplasm And Cultivars With Emphasis On Root-Knot Nematode Resistance
  Peng W. Chee and Edward Lubbers, University of Georgia

07-942GA Importance Of Natural Enemies For Stink Bug Control
  John R. Ruberson, University of Georgia

07-944GA Conservation, Profitability, And Policy
  Donald Shurley, University of Georgia

09-517GA Insecticide Resistance Monitoring Of Heliothines In Cotton
  Gregory T. Payne, Georgia Cotton Commission

09-520GA Evaluating The Feasibility Of Variable Rate Application Of Nitrogen In Georgia
  George Vellidis, V. Liakos, G. Harris, R. Hill and H. Henry, University of Georgia

11-818GA Managing Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth In Georgia Cotton
  Stanley Culpepper, Georgia Cotton Commission

11-819GA Fertilization And Cover Crop Interactions For Strip-Till Cotton Production
  R. Scott Tubbs, Georgia Cotton Commission

11-826GA Integrated Management Of Short-Horned Grasshoppers And Stink Bugs In Conservation Tillage Cotton Using Cover Crop, Herbicide Burn Down Timing, And Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor Insecticides
  John N. All, Georgia Cotton Commission


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