Agricultural Research Project Summaries

2012 Core Program Variety Improvement
02-259 Introgression Of Gossypium Germplasm To Increase Genetic Diversity For Cotton Improvement
  David M. Stelly, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station

03-367 Expanding The Genetic Base In Upland Cotton
  C. Wayne Smith and Steven S. Hague, Texas A&M University

03-404 Cotton Breeders Seed Increase Program
  Jay Subramani, Arizona Board of Regents

03-412 Population Development And Genetic Mapping Of Qtls For Fiber Quality
  Jinfa Zhang, New Mexico State University

03-430 Sampling Nucleotide Diversity In Cotton
  Allen Van Deynze, University of California, Davis and David M. Stelly, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station

04-011IH International Cotton Genome Initiative Conference
  Don C. Jones, Cotton Incorporated

05-033IH Mexico Cotton Winter Nursery
  Don C. Jones, Cotton Incorporated

05-655 Development Of Diagnostic Markers For Root-Knot Nematode Resistant Genes In Cotton; A Valuable Tool For Breeding Nematode Resistance Cultivars
  Peng W. Chee, University of Georgia and Richard F. Davis, USDA-ARS

07-108 Development Of Cotton Breeding Techniques And Germplasm To Enhance Cotton Yield And Quality
  Freddie M. Bourland, Derrick M. Oosterhuis and Androniki Bibi, University of Arkansas

07-161 Dissecting Tetraploid Cotton Genomes
  Z. Jeffrey Chen, University of Texas


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