Agricultural Research Project Summaries

2005 Arkansas State Support Program
02-291AR Publication Of Arkansas Cotton Research In Progress
  Derrick M. Oosterhuis, University of Arkansas

03-349AR Crop Stress Indices, System Management Style And Cultivar Control For Fiber Quality And Yield Stability
  Tina G. Teague, Stephen Coy & Morteza Mozaffari, University of Arkansas Experiment Station at Arkansas State University, Mukhammadzakhrab Ismanov, University of Arkansas and David Wildy, Wildy Farms

04-439AR Comparison Of The Ecology And Survival Of Reniform Nematodes In Northern, Central And Southern Arkansas
  Terry L. Kirkpatrick, University of Arkansas

04-440AR Quantification Of The Effect Of Extreme Temperatures During Boll Development On Yield And Quality To Determine Strategies To Stabilize Yield
  Derrick M. Oosterhuis, University of Arkansas; Androniki Bibi and Evangelos Gonias, Greece

04-442AR Field Test Of A Protein Translocation Enhancer To Increase Bt Endotoxin Levels And Insect Mortality
  Derrick M. Oosterhuis, Evangelos Gonias, and Androniki Bibi, University of Arkansas

04-443AR Effects Of Early-Season Adverse Conditions On Root Development And Subsequent Stress
  Derrick M. Oosterhuis and Nathan B. Mills, University of Arkansas; and Bobbie L. McMichael, USDA-ARS

04-444AR Management Of Late Planted Cotton For High Yield And Quality
  William C. Robertson, Matt Cordell, Frank Groves, Leo Espinoza, and Robert J. Hogan, University of Arkansas

04-445AR Applied Research - Enhanced Technology Transfer
  William C. Robertson, Frank Groves, and Robert J. Hogan, University of Arkansas

04-447AR Managing Glyphosate-Resistant Horseweed In Conservation Tillage Cotton Production
  J.L. Barrentine, M. R. McClelland, and K. L. Smith, University of Arkansas

04-470AR Improving Profitability Of Cotton By Enhancing Yield Components And Host Plant Resistance
  Freddie M. Bourland, University of Arkansas


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