Agricultural Research Project Summaries

Project Manager: T. C. Wedegaertner
05-693 Adding Value To Organic Waste Materials From Cotton Processing Operations
  Greg A. Holt, USDA-ARS

08-398 Termite Testing Of Cotton Composition Boards
  Poo Chow, University of Illinois

08-478 Development And Evaluation Of Food Products Made From Glandless Cottonseed
  Sarah Z. Masoni and Qian Deng, Oregon State University, Food Innovation Center

10-757 Yield Potential, Fiber Quality And Adaptability Of Glandless Cotton In New Mexico
  John Idowu, New Mexico State University

10-767 Evaluation Of Six Glandless Cottonseed Meal Samples In The Laboratory, For Suitability As An Aquaculture Feed Ingredient And Digestibility Determination Of These Samples
  Tzachi M. Samocha, Texas AgriLife Research

11-883 Evaluation And Enhancement Of Cotton Ginning And Cottonseed Or Read Ginning Innovations
  Greg A. Holt, USDA-ARS

11-919 Optimization Of Cottonseed Dehulling Processes
  Brock Faulkner, Texas AgriLife Research

11-938 The Establishment Of A Cottonseed Processing Pilot Plant, Including Product Utilization
  Tracey Carrillo, New Mexico State University

12-162 Influence Of Dietary Cottonseed Oil On Reproductive Performance And Lipid Mobilization In Gulf Killifish (fundulus Grandis)
  Christopher C. Green, LSU Agricultural Center

12-217 Gossypol Solubility Studies
  Michael K. Dowd, USDA-ARS


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Project Year: 2012

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