Agricultural Research Project Summaries

Project Manager: P. F. O'Leary
00-828 Impact Of Crop Production Practices On Pest Populations In New Mexico
  Jane B. Pierce and Patricia E. Monk, New Mexico State University

01-142 Cotman Software Delivery And Research Support
  Mark J. Cochran and Diana M. Danforth, University of Arkansas

02-222CA Management Of Key Cotton Arthropod Pests With Insecticides And Acaricides: Refinement Of Use For Cotton Ipm Systems
  Larry D. Godfrey and Treana Pierce, University of California

03-428 Assessment Of Insect Resistance To New And Old Pesticide Technology In Cotton
  R. Michael Roe, North Carolina State University

04-500OK Cotton Insect Monitoring, Management And Yield Assessment Projects
  Tom Royer and Jerry Goodson Oklahoma State University

06-878 Evaluation And Utilization Of Resistance To Tarnished Plant Bug In Cotton
  Freddie M. Bourland and Glenn E. Studebaker, University of Arkansas; Tina G. Teague, Arkansas State University

07-107 Pink Bollworm Resistance Monitoring Analyses
  Bruce Tabashnik, University of Arizona

07-942GA Importance Of Natural Enemies For Stink Bug Control
  John R. Ruberson, University of Georgia

08-451 Cotman Monitoring Of Agronomic And Entomological Parameters In The Evaluation Of Nitrogen Fertility Rate In Drip Irrigated Cotton
  Megha N. Parajulee, Texas AgriLife Research

08-454 Helicoverpa Zea Pyrethroid Resistance Monitoring
  Fred R. Musser, Mississippi State University and Ryan Jackson, USDA-ARS


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Project Year: 2012

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