Agricultural Research Project Summaries

Project Manager: E. M. Barnes
04-483TX The Crop-Weather Program For South Texas: Internet-Based Tools For Improving Crop Management Decisions In Cotton Production
  Carlos J. Fernandez, Texas AgriLife Research

04-543TX Engineered Systems For Seed Cotton Handling, Storage And Ginning
  Calvin B. Parnell, Jr., and Mark T. Hamann, Texas AgriLife Research

05-606TX Evaluation Of New Technology And Production Practices For The Texas Coastal Plains
  Dan D. Fromme and Roy D. Parker, Texas AgriLife Extension Service

05-755 Physical Model Of Lint Cleaning
  J. Alex Thomasson and Yufeng Ge, Texas AgriLife Research

06-854 Wide-Band Permittivity Sensor For Moisture Measurement
  Mathew G. Pelletier, USDA-ARS

07-200 Harvest Efficiency Of Modern Cotton Harvesting Machinery
  Brock Faulkner, Texas AgriLife Research

07-991OK Application Of Sensors In Cotton Management
  Randal K. Taylor, Oklahoma State University

08-293TX Cotton Management Systems For The Rolling Plains Of Texas
  Todd A. Baughman and Gaylon D. Morgan, Texas AgriLife Extension Service

08-310TX Comparison Of Modern Cotton Harvesting Equipment On The High Plains Of Texas
  Brock Faulkner, Texas AgriLife Research

08-388 Cotton Harvesting Innovations For The Texas High Plains
  John D. Wanjura, USDA-ARS; and Wes Porter, Oklahoma State University


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Project Year: 2012

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