Whole Cottonseed An ‘Excellent Buy' This Fall; Diminished Supplies Expected In 2013

Buy ahead to capitalize on the triple-nutrient supplier's competitive value

Friday September 28, 2012
Cary, NC

The Corn Belt’s widespread and severe drought sent corn and soybean prices soaring this growing season. With grain and oilseed prices rising disproportionately to milk and whole cottonseed prices, experts recommend dairy producers capitalize on the current competitive value of cottonseed to boost milk and butterfat production.

“When it comes to cottonseed, the price is right, says Tom Wedegaertner, Cotton Incorporated director of agricultural research. “While feed commodities have increased dramatically in price, the price of cottonseed has remained steady.” Average cottonseed spot prices have been hovering around $350 per ton. “When compared to $7 corn and $15 soybeans, today’s cottonseed is a tremendous value.”

Dr. Carl Old, an independent dairy nutritionist based in Le Grand, Calif., concurs. “When cottonseed is in the $300 per ton price range, it’s a good buy. Right now, relative to corn, cottonseed is an excellent buy.”

While cotton acres were down 14 percent in 2012, cotton yields are outstanding, says cottonseed merchant Larry Johnson of Cottonseed, LLC, La Crosse, Wis. “In some areas, growers expect to harvest a record yield.”

Old says there’s always a place for cottonseed in high-producing cows’ rations. “The energy density in cottonseed is really important for top production cows. Generally, cows producing one third or more than herd average should be fed whole cottonseed.”


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