JaDecor rolls out sustainable cotton wallcovering product

Smart and green, the paper and paint alternative offers sound-dampening and thermal benefits

Friday June 12, 2009
Springfield, NEB.

Few interior finishes exude sophistication, practicality and environmental awareness in a single sweep. JaDecor Natural Wallcovering is a unique sustainable wall finish created from a patented mixture of natural cotton fibers and minerals in a high-density composition, creating an aesthetic and sustainable wall- and ceiling-surface covering for discerning home owners seeking smart design solutions.

Exclusively distributed by Specialty Finishes, Springfield, Neb., JaDecor is a favored wallcovering for “green” home design and has been showcased at the Street of Dreams and Parade of Homes in cities such as Denver, Omaha, Atlanta, Kansas City, Houston, Charlotte and Portland, Ore. JaDecor offers a low carbon footprint by sourcing U.S. cotton, and is a conscientious alternative to petroleum-based vinyl wallcoverings.

The unique composition of materials in JaDecor provides distinctive benefits not offered by paint, wallpaper or other decorative finishes, notes Specialty Finishes Owner Tim Bell.

“The acoustic and thermal value of cotton creates an energy-efficient space that is both warm and quiet while adding the visual beauty of a natural product,” he says.

Hand-applied and custom-mixed to match a color palette limited only by the imagination, JaDecor is commonly used in living spaces such as bedrooms, home theatre rooms, entryways and dens, and in commercial spaces such as offices, theatres, lobbies and conference rooms. JaDecor also is ideal for bathrooms as the product absorbs and releases excess moisture and resists peeling, molding or fading.

“People often choose JaDecor because it is durable and can be seamlessly repaired if necessary,” says Bell. “It is also a very flexible product – JaDecor can be applied to most surfaces, and can be removed or painted over with little effort.”

Competitively priced with other high quality wallcoverings and superior in lifespan to most vinyls, the longevity of JaDecor makes it a true value to customers, he adds.

JaDecor Natural Wallcovering has been certified by the renowned Institute for Baubiologe in Rosenheim Germany (IBR), where JaDecor was first developed. The IBR is considered the Gold standard for testing safe and healthy building products.

JaDecor is available exclusively through certified installers across the United States and is not a retail product. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts also can receive training during a two-day class offered in Omaha, Cincinnati and Houston.

About JaDecor and Specialty Finishes
Specialty Finishes is the only U.S. distributor for JaDecor Natural Wallcovering. Introduced in the United States in 1992, JaDecor is a unique, customizable and environmentally safe wallcovering created from a patented mixture of natural cotton fibers and minerals, making it more sustainable than petroleum-based vinyl wallcovering and some paints. Samples available upon request. For more information, visit


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