Cotton. From Blue To Green.® Denim Drive Launches Fourth College Tour

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Wednesday September 30, 2009
New York, NY

Cotton Incorporated has launched the fourth COTTON. FROM BLUE TO GREEN.® denim drive, a call to action on eight college campuses across the country to donate denim and give it a “new life” by converting it into natural cotton fiber insulation.

“The COTTON. FROM BLUE TO GREEN.® denim drive has been an incredibly successful means for us to generate awareness among college students about cotton and its sustainability and ability to be reused,” says Paula G. Rosario, Vice President, Consumer Marketing- Strategic Alliances, Cotton Incorporated. “We know that students are eager to collect as much denim as possible to make a difference and to help others in need, and we’re delighted to be partnering with these eight universities to facilitate that.”

This fall, the COTTON. FROM BLUE TO GREEN.® denim drive will travel to eight colleges across the country: Butler University, University of Memphis, University of Kentucky-Lexington, Marshall University, University of Southern Mississippi, University of South Dakota, North Dakota State-Fargo, and Kansas State University. At each college campus, the drive will encourage students to collect denim from the student population as well as from the surrounding community, and will be facilitated by the local chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). At the University of Memphis, it will be facilitated by Habitat for Humanity, and at the University of Kentucky-Lexington, it will be supported by The Merchandising, Apparel & Textiles Club.

Through a multi-stage process, donated denim is recycled into UltraTouch™ Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation, an environmentally friendly insulation, which is then used in building houses in areas affected by natural disasters. It takes approximately 500 pairs of jeans to insulate one average-size U.S. house. To date, the COTTON. FROM BLUE TO GREEN. ® denim drive has collected more than 100,000 denim pieces nationwide, producing insulation used in new homes for more than 200 families in the Gulf Coast region.

Jack Morton Worldwide was again contracted to produce the COTTON. FROM BLUE TO GREEN.® denim drive, helping Cotton Incorporated expand the experience, its footprint and reach. A leading experiential marketing agency, Jack Morton integrates live events, branded environments and interactive experiences to engage and inspire target audiences including consumers, employees, business partners and customers. More information regarding Jack Morton Worldwide is available at

The first COTTON. FROM BLUE TO GREEN.® denim drive in 2006 collected 14,566 denim pieces nationwide; more than double the anticipated amount. In 2007 and 2008, the COTTON. FROM BLUE TO GREEN.® denim drive expanded its reach through partnerships with national retailers and organizations, including American Eagle Outfitters, National Jean Company, Ernest Sewn, Gap, G by Guess, and Guess by Marciano, as well as Warner Bros. Pictures. To date, the natural cotton fiber insulation produced has been used in building new homes for more than 200 families in the Gulf Coast region.

Part of the recycling process, Allan Company, a leader in the recycling industry, bales the denim in preparation for becoming insulation. JBM Fibers, a leading manufacturer of reprocessed fibers returns the denim to its original fiber state, cotton. Bonded Logic Inc. manufactures the UltraTouch Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation. For more information, visit

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