Businesses Embrace Cotton Incorporated Trademark Natural™

Trademark Adopted by Six Varied Companies

Wednesday January 23, 2008
New York, NY

Cotton Incorporated, the research and promotional company for U.S. cotton producers and importers, announced today that six companies, across as many categories, have adopted the latest Cotton Incorporated trademark for promotional use. The mark capitalizes on the familiar Seal of Cotton trademark, with the addition of the word “Natural” beneath. The green trademark will be visible on the packaging of 100% cotton products from AQ Textiles, Concorde Apparel, Cutie Pie Baby. Inc., Filo America, Legion Paper and Sure Fit.

“This latest incarnation of the Seal of Cotton trademark is timely, reminding consumers that cotton is a natural fiber and a natural part of their lives,” explains J. Berrye Worsham, Cotton Incorporated President and Chief Executive Officer.

The mark is also part of the company’s larger strategy to highlight the significant environmental advancements cotton has made over the past 25 years. Says Worsham, “The U.S. cotton industry has made tremendous gains in being a cleaner and greener crop: pesticide use has been cut in half and the use of irrigated water has been reduced nearly that much. At the same time, yields have increased on virtually the same acreage.”

In this eco-conscious era, the Natural™ trademark is a symbol that these six early adopters believe will resonate with their retailers and consumers. AQ Textiles, for example, is adopting the Natural™ trademark for a range of bedding under the Intellatex™ brand. The sheet sets and comforters by the Intellatex brand (which stands for Intelligent Anionic Textiles) possess a negative ionic charge that traps positively-charged allergens. The Natural™ mark will attract the attention of allergy sufferers and assure them that Intellatex products are made with natural cotton. Intellatex products will include the Natural™ trademark on a range of cotton bedding; including sheets, duvets and comforter sets.

In the realm of fashion textiles, Concorde Apparel is very excited about adopting the Natural™ trademark for their range of sportscoats and men’s clothing in corduroy, seersucker and velvet. Concorde is an industry leader in these categories, and is known for its durably soft and seasonably-appropriate items. They believe that the addition of the Natural™ trademark will enhance their products and assure the consumer that they are being supplied with only the finest natural cotton garments.

Manhattan-based Cutie Pie Baby, Inc., makers of infant/layette items, has a very particular end-user base---new parents. Purity and comfort are especially important to this consumer. To differentiate their product offerings from the competition, the Cutie Pie® brand is currently using the Natural™ mark on two six-piece layette sets, and plans to use the mark on as many as twenty additional skus.

There are many uses for cotton and one of the less widely-known is as a paper fiber. However, artists, museums and other archival-related industries appreciate the longevity cotton lends to art and documents. Legion Paper --- the largest supplier of fine art, museum board, decorative and digital art papers in North America --- will initially apply the Natural™ mark to three of its brands (Rising® brand, Stonehenge and Somerset) and plan to use the mark on as many as twenty of its brands moving forward.

Personal care is another product category for which softness and environmental-friendliness are key marketing features. As such, Filo America will be including the Natural™ trademark on its cotton swabs, rounds and squares. “Filo America is very pleased and proud to be a licensee of the Natural™ trademark,” says Bruce Barnett, Vice President and National Account Manager. “The addition of this Natural™ mark to our fine products will help symbolize the quality of the cotton and of the product.”

Rounding out the first six adopters of Cotton Incorporated’s new Natural™ trademark is Sure Fit, makers of ready-made slipcovers, who have licensed the Natural mark for a line of organic products. The company’s Marketing Director, Sheryl Boltze, says, “It is our responsibility to seek and make available more eco-friendly products that help minimize environmental impact.” The company will be offering two styles of 100% organic cotton slipcovers with the mark, so that customers can easily identify them.

Cotton Incorporated, funded by U.S. growers of upland cotton and importers of cotton and cotton textile products, is the research and marketing company representing upland cotton. The Program is designed and operated to improve the demand for and profitability of cotton.


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