Tips for Staying Stylish and Comfortable

Thursday June 26, 2008
New York, NY

The summer season usually means vacation travel for the entire family. However, with gas prices soaring to almost five dollars a gallon and airlines adding extra charges for fuel and even checked bags, families are staying closer to home. Cotton Incorporated has put together a few tips on how to assemble the perfect day trip while remaining comfortable and fashionable.

Picnic in the Park

Nothing says summertime more than dining in the fresh air at your local park, or in your own backyard! Preparing for outdoor meals is made simple by using a natural fiber, like cotton, which offers lightness and comfort in the warm weather months. Here are a few tips for the perfect picnic:

  • Start with a large cotton blanket to form a foundation for your outdoor “table”. Not only will the fabric provide comfortable seating, but the easy-to-care quality will allow you to toss it in the wash once dinner is over.
  • Dress up your outdoor picnic area with brightly printed cotton place mats. They add color and design and give the illusion of a table setting. Also, easy to clean and eco-friendly with multi-uses.
  • To add a more formal element, put cotton napkins in napkin rings at each place setting. Experiment!--use a variety of colors for an extra kick!
  • Bring extra large pillows to allow for comfortable seating on the ground. Mix and match the colors and prints for a joyful setting!

As always, it is important to have a well thought out wardrobe when the long days of summer turn into evening. “The essential key in making sure your wardrobe is comfortable during summer travel is all in the layering,” states Linda DeFranco, director, product trend analysis group, Cotton Incorporated. “When planning for a day at the park, it is important to pack a light-weight cotton sweater or a button-down shirt to put over your t-shirt in case it gets chilly.”

Day at the Beach

Whether you live by a beach or a fresh-water lake, a day of play in the water can be fun for the entire family. Traveling to the water side is easy as long as you are prepared!

  • Always pack a large cotton beach tote full of the essentials: sunscreen, sunglasses and drinking water.
  • Bring a large cotton blanket to serve as the base for the family. The blanket will dry quickly if accidentally drenched by a cannonball or incoming tide!
  • The family should always dry off with 100% cotton towels for overall comfort.

Clothing becomes a very important priority when planning a day at the beach. When planning a trip to the water with your family, it is very important to think of two issues: sun protection and comfort on the trip home.

“Each member of the family should always have a wide-brim cotton canvas hat or baseball cap to protect the top of the head and face from sun damage,” states DeFranco. “And when traveling after a day in the water, it is important to have clothing that will let you travel home comfortably. Most people want to slip into a pair of khaki shorts and knit shirt or dry t-shirt. Another great option for women is to put a sundress over their (dried out) bathing suit for a stylish ride home.”

Travel carefree and never let the fear of stains hamper your day in the sun! Cotton Incorporated’s stain guru, Norma Keyes offers tips to keep your clothes looking fresh as a summer day, and free from the most troublesome seasonal stains. For helpful hints, please go to; Summer Stain Guide

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